Diversity of crocodile purses

Leather of the crocodile always was considered as a benchmark of solidity and status – mainly because of the scarcity and high price of the material. The original structure of the skin gives a special charm to the product. The portfolio of the crocodile - is an indicator of social status of the owner, a sure sign of high status in the social sphere. 
Crocodile skin clutch bag is the creator of the image of business people. Crocodile skin purse can have almost any color – modern technologies allow to get unique colors and forms of the wallet, giving such popularity and charm to this type of material. Men's briefcases of crocodile is usually strictly classical, giving the owner a solid image of a confident man. If the person has a crocodile purse or another crocodile skin accessory, everybody around start to respect this person by default.

doversity of crocodile purses

There is a great diversity of crocodile purses. It can be small or big, it can have any form and colour. It depends on what does the client want to have. Crocodile purse is a great addition to any wardrobe, this accessory with confidence is combined with both classical fashion, business suit, and with the "bohemian" style (especially with modern large-scale jewelry). Сrocodile purses are an indication of the status on par with briefcases and bags. 
Crocodile leather wallets and belts made of crocodile is not only the high quality of beauty, and durability. Due to the original and unique pattern of each piece of alligator skin any product is absolutely unique. In ancient times it was believed that a person who owns a crocodile skin, takes great power, wealth and happiness. This belief increases the popularity of leather of crocodile nowadays too.
Such a product, like a wallet made of genuine crocodile skin, can not be cheap by definition. Crocodile skin – it's such an expensive and unique material, which is important to handle in all respects, if not – the product will be permanently ruined. This is one of the reasons why the crocodile skin purse is expensive and available to a few selected – who have the power, strength and prosperity.

The best sales of alligator skin wallets

Most of all like alligator skin wallet men who earn a lot. If you need to buy the perfect gift, the best gift for a rich man than alligator skin wallets can not be bought. The density of the alligator skin is much higher than the density of other animals. To sew alligator wallet, from this terrible predator taking skin from the abdomen. It is strong and flexible. The skin for sewing shoes and bags taken from the back of an alligator.

sales of alligator skin wallets

Even 100 years ago this product was a rarity in Europe. Have a purse from crocodile skin was a luxury even for the very rich men. But the main principle of the market, which says that consumer demand for goods creates supply this product in the market, greatly changed the situation.
Alligators were grown on special farms to receive skin. The profit on these farms is much greater than the profit from the garden with oranges. Use only the skin of alligators, which have grown in length greater than 2 meters. Alligator strip 10 cm. In length and 1 cm wide. Suppliers worth 5-10 dollars. The price of the skin is strongly dependent on the quality.

alligator skin

Therefore alligator wallets on the market are so expensive. It can be considered a success if it is happy to buy a purse from a skin for 60-70 dollars. Farmers from Africa and Asia are well aware of such a situation in the market. Therefore, they increase the delivery of the goods to the markets of rich countries.
When the winter holidays close to stores starting the week alligator wallets for sale. In those days the purse as a gift, which is made of alligator skin, you can buy at a deep discount. It is always Christmas. Discounts are very good, 20-30% of the purse to the other days of the year. Buyers who like most sparingly to spend their money, should definitely use such lucrative offers from trading companies, so you do not pay 30% more.

Crocodile leather bag models

Nowadays crocodile leather bag is the one of the most popular. The first and the biggest advantage of this material is its naturalness. According to historians and archaeologists animals such as the crocodiles lived about 80 million years ago. In that times dinosaurs still inhabited Earth. There are a lot of species of crocodiles today and their skin is considered as the most high-quality material for producing of clothing items such as bags and wallets.

Crocodile leather bag

Benefits of crocodile leather

- Attractive appearance (it looks distinctive and extraordinary)
- This material is considered as very exclusive
- Modern crocodile leather bags are good for almost all types of clothes
- It’s very high-quality material, so you will able to wear it for a very long period of time

How to choose suitable bag?

First, you need to decide, which size of bag you want to buy. This decision must be based on destination of bag. If you want to use it for carrying cellphones, tablets, some credit cards, etc, then you’re advised to buy a small bag. In other cases pay attention on bigger bags. While you’re choosing crocodile leather handbags, you should also pay attention to their appearance and color. If you’re going to wear it with classical clothes, you’ll need to buy bags in black, gray or brown. In other cases you haven’t got any restrictions in choice. 

Crocodile leather bag models

If you want to create truly good fashion, you’re advised to buy crocodile leather handbag. Despite the fact that it’s much more expensive than bags of other materials, it’s more durably and has more attractive appearance.

Real genuine crocodile handbags

According to Hollywood legend, Clark Gable was on set in Africa when he asked co-star Grace Kelly if she would like a crocodile bag. She said yes. Minutes later, the actor allegedly spotted a huge crocodile sunning itself across the river and reached for a rifle. As the story goes, he pulled the trigger, expired the beast and then boasted that it wouldn’t be long before Miss Kelly’s handbag would be ready. It was an incredibly romantic act of bravado that seemed way too good to be true. Which everyone soon learned was precisely the case, after a man on set regretfully informed Gable that the crocodile was just a prop. 

Real genuine crocodile handbags

If you’re looking to bag an genuine crocodile skin handbags , you’ve come to the right place. This is no prop. Each one-of-kind skin is no special effects trick. real crocodile handbags is the real deal, crafted from 100% brown crocodile with genuine leather handles. On the outside, this bag wears the distinguished natural pattern that virtually defines a luxury accessory. The interior is lined with a dark chocolate velour and features a zipped pocket and two pouch pockets (including one sized perfectly for cell phones).
All of the hardware is crafted in gleaming stainless steel and the two top zips close easily with crocodile tags. leather crocodile handbags also comes with a detachable shoulder strap and the smooth bottom features four stainless steel feet. Best of all, this classic design in timeless crocodile leather can be yours for much less than almost identical bags in high-end boutiques and department stores.

Diversity alligator wallets

It is widely known that real leather is considered to be very practical and fashionable. Especially when it comes to real alligator wallet. Famous brand allover the globe like Tony Perotti, Dierhoff and others similar brands are offering you a great diversity of alligator wallets. You may choose the one you like, it is completely up to you.
Alligator bifold wallet will add a special charm to your look. Nothing will compare to alligator leather wallet because when you are wearing the real thing, you are truly fashionable and exquisite.

alligator leather bifold

Trafalgar alligator wallet is usually made out of abdominal skin of alligator because this skin is considered to be the post precious and expensive one. Before choosing what kind of alligator wallet will suit you perfectly you should consider regarding alligator trifold wallet. You should only look and it and touch it, and them you realize immediately that it is a real thing.

trafalgar alligator wallet

On the shelves in shops nowadays there are so many phony wallets, made out of cheap leather. But in order for you to be able to distinguish real alligator wallet you should know real wallet should be flat and do not apart from the material. Also before buying alligator skin wallet please pay close attention to its characteristics, keep an eye on price and style. And the price will vary according to the material that it was made out of. 
Just remember that any of those alligator leather wallets will without a doubt complete your gorgeous look. But with this kind of wallet you should take as special care of it. There are some sprays available so this way you will keep your wallet clean and tight.