Colorfull crocodile bags

Crocodile skin has always been considered the most expensive therefore crocodile bag so much popular among women. The fact is that such material is considered to be the most solid. These crocodile bags are practically durable. To manufacture such things people create a special farm, where crocodiles are grown. They are given a special quality meat and crocodiles receive quality care.
Why black crocodile bag so popular? Of course, thanks to the durability and pattern. Each crocodile skin has its own unique pattern that never repeats. It's like a fingerprint of in a human. Thus, each owner has a unique crocodile bag that has no dubbing.

black crocodile bag

The most expensive is considered alligator skin. The fact is that it is very difficult to handle, but it is the most strong and beautiful. Professional masters have learned to give the skin a variety of colors. So, at the request of crocodile skin bags can be black, pink, and brown and so on.

To manufacture people use the skin of the abdomen and back. In the first case it is easier to process and give a different shape. Thus, we can get as large crocodile bag and a small rectangular alligator bag. But from the back of the product obtained is much stronger.

alligator bag

With your pink crocodile bag you will always be in the spotlight. In the secular world, products from crocodile skin are always prized higher than others. The real thing is available at the touch. Just swipe your finger on the crocodile bag. You need to feel solid flakes. This bag will be your faithful companion for many years, while it will retain its attractive presentation.