Most popular crocodile mens wallets

The main types of mens crocodile wallet are as follows: 

1. Classic crocodile wallet. This is small size of the purse with the three-fold. Stylish, sleek, compact accessory that is easy to fit in a jacket pocket or pants. But it is not suitable for keeping a lot of money. The wallet is relevant for fans of non-cash payments: compartment for bills, like a pocket for coins, small, but there are plenty of pockets for cards. Often, these classic crocodile men's wallets can be seen in the hands of executives, entrepreneurs - serious people who value their time; 

classic crocodile wallet

2.Crocodile purse. Classic straight crocodile purse in which bills are stacked, without bending. (Such a model, you can see in the company "Visconti," for example, in a collection Heritage). They are often equipped with additional pockets for documents, such as driver's license, passport. Such crocodile skin wallets always choose stylish and self-confident men. Please note only one thing: it should be kept in an inner pocket, not in the outside; 

men crocodile purse

3.Crocodile purse with two folds. Very big crocodile wallet for men with rather large compartments for coins and bills. Paper money in these models are folded in half, there are compartments for cards and transparent pocket for driver's license. It is very practical model. If we talk about the collections of Visconti, then such models you will find in each of them. Another advantage of such models: they are combined with almost any things from formal suits to jeans: 

business mens crocodile wallet

4) Sports crocodile purse. Their main difference is in the material, because these crocodile purses are made from textiles. Very comfortable models, which can be placed in the pocket of a tracksuit or jeans.