How to choose crocodile wallet?

The crocodile wallet is incredibly useful, and sometimes indispensable thing, which is not only a kind of repository of budget, but also emphasizing style and good taste of its owner accessory. The most beautiful, reliable and durable, no doubt, are the wallets made crocodile leather. However, in order to crocodile wallet is really enjoyable and served its owner for a long time, it should be to choose. 

crocodile leather wallet

So, the first thing you simply should pay attention to is the material. To manufacture this type of accessory manufacturers can use various types of materials: natural and artificial leather, textiles. The quality of the product and its durability depends on the material from which it is made.So, if you want the selected purse, served as long as possible, give preference to models, made of crocodile leather. The benefits of wallets made of crocodile leather, reliable, high quality. The downside of these products can be considered unless their high cost. 

Moreover, you should pay attention to the quality of tannage of the skin, which prevents rapid wear and appearance of minor scratches on the surface of the material. Simple brand leather purses, manufactured from bovine or porcine skin, will cost you a few hundred dollars. Original or exclusive models of purses can be made from crocodile or Python leather, and the cost of such articles will range from 600$ to 1000-2000 $.

A few simple tips:

1. To determine a purse made from leather or from synthetic materials can feel. Wallet genuine leather would be warm and made of artificial materials – cold.
2. Check that all the seams on the purse have been stitched and not glued. Stitched wallet is more reliable and will last you much longer. In this case the lines should be smooth, with no skipped stitches. Otherwise there is a good chance that the seam will eventually disperse.
3. The bends – generally a weak spot in all purses. If you choose a folding model, then pay attention to the crease area. There should be an extra layer of skin, which will further strengthen the structure and extend the life of your wallet.
4. When choosing a purse, be sure to immediately check, are placed in the pockets for cards are actually cards! Notice how easy they are and how easy to come by.
5. Of course, the purse is not bag and the probability that he will get in the rain, rather small. However, in the bag easily something can be spilled or can leak wipes (it happens), and this waterproof wallet case is simply necessary.

I hope you will now be able to choose a good enough crocodile leather wallets