Where to buy alligator wallet?

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buy alligator goods

It depends what tools you have. A couple of months ago my friend was in Thailand. He met with a man from Peter, who lives in Pattaya, he had a chain of stores of leather from exotic. He said the most elite considered to be products from the skin of the American alligator and cost from a few 1000 dollars. If we consider something simpler, you may order products from China, Thailand, Vietnam. They are cheaper not because it is worse, but because crocodiles are grown for this purpose and plus they (crocodiles) are not included in the red book. I can give you the coordinates of my friend, but when I asked him if I he from Russia to order something, he said no problem, only - it is not responsible for the shipment, and will send by post of Russia. I think that we need to explain what that organization is and how submissions are lost. 

Therefore, in order not to risk is quite possible to buy crocodile wallet in Peter. There are a lot of online shop where you can choose something and buy alligator wallet, for example. 

As for how to buy real leather, so it's simple, to fake the relief of crocodile skin it is quite difficult to see this by simply looking at a picture of a crocodile and a wallet, plus, if there are bumps, if they push they should not push fit, if forced, means that you are not a crocodile. 

So good luck!: )