The best sales of alligator skin wallets

Most of all like alligator skin wallet men who earn a lot. If you need to buy the perfect gift, the best gift for a rich man than alligator skin wallets can not be bought. The density of the alligator skin is much higher than the density of other animals. To sew alligator wallet, from this terrible predator taking skin from the abdomen. It is strong and flexible. The skin for sewing shoes and bags taken from the back of an alligator.

sales of alligator skin wallets

Even 100 years ago this product was a rarity in Europe. Have a purse from crocodile skin was a luxury even for the very rich men. But the main principle of the market, which says that consumer demand for goods creates supply this product in the market, greatly changed the situation.
Alligators were grown on special farms to receive skin. The profit on these farms is much greater than the profit from the garden with oranges. Use only the skin of alligators, which have grown in length greater than 2 meters. Alligator strip 10 cm. In length and 1 cm wide. Suppliers worth 5-10 dollars. The price of the skin is strongly dependent on the quality.

alligator skin

Therefore alligator wallets on the market are so expensive. It can be considered a success if it is happy to buy a purse from a skin for 60-70 dollars. Farmers from Africa and Asia are well aware of such a situation in the market. Therefore, they increase the delivery of the goods to the markets of rich countries.
When the winter holidays close to stores starting the week alligator wallets for sale. In those days the purse as a gift, which is made of alligator skin, you can buy at a deep discount. It is always Christmas. Discounts are very good, 20-30% of the purse to the other days of the year. Buyers who like most sparingly to spend their money, should definitely use such lucrative offers from trading companies, so you do not pay 30% more.