The difference between a crocodile, alligator and cayman?

Cayman (alligator) belongs only to the New World, the family of reptiles, which, together with gavials and proper discharge of crocodiles armored or armored lizards (Loricata).
Caiman crocodiles differ from other crocodiles with thier flattened face and hind legs provided with only half swimming membranes. Meanwhile, a crocodile on the edge of the upper jaw, near the snout has a wrinkle, which includes sticking up fourth tooth of the lower jaw, an alligator that tooth enters into the groove located on the edge of the upper jaw.

difference between crocodile cayman and alligator

Caimans are growing up to 4 meters long. Caimans are slow and clumsy in its movements in the ground, but they are good swimmers and have great strength, especially in the tail. The female lays 20 - 60 eggs in a special slot in the mud and from these eggs are displayed on a sunny warm young, but the female is almost always on guard somewhere nearby.
The breed alligators, occurring more frequently than others, belongs to the spectacled caiman or Jacare (Champsa sclerops), received the name of the transverse folds connecting the front edge of the eye sockets. Alligator is found primarily in the waters of South America, especially in Brazil and Guyana, it feeds mostly on fish, the upper part of a dark olive green, bottom - green-yellow-white, and on the back of it four indistinct, blackish lateral stripes.

crocodile vs alligator

In the upper reaches of the Amazon River there is an especially common black cayman (Alligator niger). In the waters of North America, it is in the Mississippi and its tributaries, pike usual alligator (Alligator lucius) is named for the shape of its muzzle; the upper part of a dark brown color mixed with green and with a light, like a sling, spots, lower white with a greenish tinge, and visible bands on the sides of both colors; often it is hidden in the mud and extreme cold falls into lethargy. Now it is often brought to Europe.
Cayman is a wild animal, but it afraid of human. Thanks to its shell, it can be mortally wounded only rifle bullets or blows directed at the head eyes higher. Its white meat, like a fish-and-smelling musk is used in food only negroes and savage tribes of Indians. His persecuted for harm them as it devours huge amounts of fish, and catch nets and snare or killed by bullets from rifles, when he lies in the mud on the shore.

alligator vs crocodile

The name alligator comes from the Portuguese word lagarto (lat. Lacerta, t. E. A lizard) and commonly used in South America from the British and Dutch colonists, as well as in North America; The name of this animal caiman give negros Guiana and French colonists. True alligators come from Australia. They are named in honor of the Alligator River. Chinese and American alligators belong to the family of crocodiles and bear the name of a completely undeserved. Crocodiles are in the language of the salt gland. If they swallow too much salt water, excess salts are recovered through them into the environment.

alligator vs crocodile

 Alligators and caimans their counterparts don't have the glands  and are forced to live only in fresh water, unlike their brethren.