Shiny pink crocodile skin handbag turns into the most high-priced for £150,000 in Hong Kong

A shiny pink coloured custom made handbag has come to be the most highly-priced in the world after it was sold for £150,000 at public auction.
The high-class crocodile skin Hermes Birkin handbag, in fuchsia, includes 18 karat gold detailing encrusted in true diamonds.
It was chosen by a customer at auction where the very last hammer gone  at 1.72 million Hong Kong dollars (£150,000).

pink crocodile skin bag

The luxurious case has smashed the former world history set for the world's most pricey fashionable ladies handbag. It was earlier used by Hermes Birkin, weared red crocodile skin bag, which was sold for £133,500 in the US.

Currently Christie's auction said they have a 2nd Birkin Bag in black which is planned to go on the auction later. The Birkin Case is well-known for getting a price tag in the 1000s of dollars.
Hermes is the most desirable handbags, but having a price close to £8,000 the Hermés Birkin bag is not quite within any fashionista's price tag.

Famous suitcases and add-ons firm Hermés, who has a lot of world's richest women as followers, is recognized for deluxe leather-based accessories.
Well-known for its perfect accomplish and top high quality components, Hermès promises never to apply any assembly lines with just one craftsperson producing a single purse at a time.

hermes birkin bag

Celebrity lovers include Victoria Beckham is claimed to have as many as 100 handbags, which is considered to be value £1.5million.

When the bag might cost you as much as a compact car, it has since been suggested by vogue press as an 'investment' item - an item that will keep in style for ages, if not generations. Undoubtedly, the Birkin is evidence of this, with waiting lists of up to 3 years. 
The case was one of more than 300 which Christie's set on the auction in Hong Kong, that has appeared as a worldwide auction center regards to successful mainland Chinese.